Deal: Engine autostart for 100 euro

Who Makes


Company: UAB „GeliosSoft“
Company code: 304206431
VAT number: LT100011548514
Address: A. Vivulskio g. 7, Vilnius
Bank account: LT837044060008086076
Bank code: 70440
CEO: Evgenii Erokhin

About the project

AvtoOko24 is a software and hardware complex of joint production of the companies GeliosSoft and Arusnavi.

For many years we have been manufacturing equipment and developing software for corporate clients, which are operating transport and special equipment in various industries.

We have accumulated enough knowledge and technology and decided that it's time to pay attention to ordinary people who move around the city every day on their own car, motorcycle or bicycle. And we decided to make something useful and inexpensive for them.

Thus, we developed the project AvtoOko24 where we combined the most necessary and demanded functions for drivers, which help to save their vehicles as well as time, money and nerves.