Deal: Engine autostart for 100 euro

How It Works

Before starting work it is necessary to install the tracker under the dashboard or into the luggage compartment of the car. Installation can be done by yourself, according to the instructions or at an authorized service center.

Also it is necessary to install a free application AvtoOko24 available for iOS or Android users. Installing the application, you need to register, and then scan the QR-code that comes with the tracker. Upon completion of all the works, you receive a working complex with the following functions:

Anti-Evacuation and Anti-Theft Protection of Wheels

The tracker has a built-in high-precision motion sensor (accelerometer), which fixes the position of the device in three-dimensional space. When the ignition is switched off, after 2 minutes the anti-evacuation mode automatically turns on. At the time of evacuation a loud siren is activated on the phone with a notification of a possible evacuation of the car. Thus, AvtoOko24 is giving the opportunity for the user to react quickly to the situation, before his vehicle is evacuated. When the ignition is switched on, the anti-evacuation mode is automatically deactivated.

Employees of municipal services are obliged to return the vehicle to the owner at the place of detention immediately.

You will need to pay the penalty for incorrect parking only.

ТAlso this function prevents theft of the wheels. When the car is placed under the lifting jack, the user receives the same siren signal on the phone.

IMPORTANT: The device is configured to exclude false alarms from cars passing by.

Anti-Theft Protection

When the ignition is off, after 2 minutes anti-theft mode is automatically activated, fixing the current parking coordinates and a radius of 100 meters around the vehicle. In the case of vehicle theft, when the radius is 100 meters from the parking place, the user will receive a notification to the phone that the car may be subject to theft.

How AvtoOko24 can recognize "jammers"

In case the car does not communicate more than 3 minutes, AvtoOko24 will notify you that there is a lost connection with the car and you can quickly check if everything is OK with it.

Maintenance Reminders and Other Events

Using individual settings of the App you can set up notifications with reminders of important events from life of your car, such as: go through MOT test, replace the brake pads, change oil, extend TPO car insurance, etc. All reminders are configured by date or mileage, i.e. user determines amount of kilometers or day when he needs to be reminded of an event.

Additional Features (connects if necessary)

Remote Engine Blocking

In case of car theft, the user can use the function "Engine blocking". After it is turned on, engine will be stopped and will not start until this function is turned off via the mobile app.

IMPORTANT: In order to take advantage of this function, you need to install additional equipment (relay) in the car workshop. This can be done immediately with the main installation of the tracker.

Preheater AutoStart (such as webasto and etc.) or Sound signal

If alarm systems with autostart or pre-heater webasto have been previously installed on the car, it can also be connected to the tracker. To connect the car alarm it is necessary that it has a controlled input.

Also useful function can be the signal of the car connected to the tracker. If the driver left the car in the underground parking and forgot where exactly, you can press the button in the mobile application and the tracker will activate the sound signal for 1 second, which will help to easily find your car.

Remote Engine Start

Connecting the module of remote engine start will allow you to start the engine through the mobile app no matter how far the car is parked. Also this module has features of remote locking and unlocking doors as well as automatic engine stop in 15 minutes. Don't be hesitate to ask our manager about the possibility to install this module to your car.