Deal: Engine autostart for 100 euro

What Provides

Protection Against Evacuation

You do not have to search for your car at the parking lots of the city and pay for them. AvtoOko24 notifies you of the beginning of the evacuation of the car. Then you will have 5-10 minutes to stop the evacuation and pick up your car.

Protection Against Theft of Wheels

Now you can be calm for the safety of your car's wheels. Violator doesn't have time to remove them. As soon as the car will be under the lifting jack, AvtoOko24 will notify you about the beginning of illegal actions.

Protection Against Theft

There are limited time for a thief to open the car and drive away to the nearest "sump". That's why mostly a thief forget to check the presence of search and security systems installed in the car. AvtoOko24 will notify you if somebody will try to steal your car and show you its location on the map online. You can easily return it from there where it was driven away.

But what about jammers?

You can jam as the cheapest as well as most expensive car security solutions on the market. In case the car does not communicate more than 3 minutes, AvtoOko24 will notify you that there is a lost connection with the car and you can quickly check if everything is OK with it.

Security of Your Family

You can always see online if the son or daughter has arrived to the institute or parents has arrived to the country house as well as to get to know where the spouse spends time during the day. AvtoOko24 will show that the car has left or arrived in any territory (house, cottage, job, institute, beauty salon, garage, etc.)

Quick Search in a Large Parking Lot

Sometimes you parks your car in a rush and go shopping. And then you forget where you parked your car. You can find the exact parking place of your car on the map with AvtoOko24.

Maintenance Reminder

Using individual settings of the App you can set up notifications with reminders of important events from life of your car, such as: go through MOT test, replace the brake pads, change oil, extend TPO car insurance, etc.

Remote Engine Blocking

In case of car theft, you can lock the engine remotely. To avoid possible accidents, the engine will be blocked only if the speed drops to 10 km / h.

Preheater autostart (such as webasto and etc.) or sound signal

If you have already installed this equipment or you are only planning to do this, you can configure it to work with the AvtoOko24 mobile app. The main advantage is that you don't need your car to be in sight. You can launch it from any distance. That's especially important for metropolis.

Instead of connecting the preheater, you can connect the vehicle's standard sound signal, which will help you to find your car in a large parking lot just by sending a specific command from the mobile app. And you will easily find it due to the vehicle's standard signal.

Remote Engine Start*

You can remotely start the engine to warm up the car in the cold season. And even if you suddenly forget that the engine was started, it will be stopped in 15 minutes thanks to the set timer.

*when installing the engine start module